Dan carrying his little son

God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.


It's me, Dan!
Dan playing knight


I was a cranky baby
Dan played WR back then
Da in Gaza during the war 2014
Being an executive producer, writer and showrunner, Dan has always been a design-savvy beau of visual arts and storytelling. In 1998 he jumped head over heels into the show business and never really left. He has about twenty years experience in producing and directing television shows, documentaries and long form productions. He also is a confessed Mac head, cigar aficionado and curator of all things pop-culture.
He has been an award-winning television host, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice, worked with NGOs in 16 African countries and once quit his job at a production company to become a photojournalist and spent three years covering conflicts and war zones worldwide with publications in all major outlets and exhibitions in Berlin, Zurich, Iraq and at the Biennale in Venice.
He eventually grew up, got married and just recently became a loving dad.
Da in Mount Kilimanjaro

In 2008 Dan celebrated his 30th birthday on Mount Kilimanjaro, the world's highest free-standing mountain.

1999 - 2006

Master Control Room in the 90s

TV Host

In 1999 Dan joined the On-Air team at GIGA, a daily 5-hour live show on NBC Europe covering all things entertainment. In 2001 his show was awarded with the Grimme Online Award. He was soon promoted to editor in chief and led - although he was only 26 years old - the studio production in Berlin.
Projects (selection)
Anonymous (Season | Show | Director)
Follow Your Love (Season | Reality | Director)
I Know Who's Good For You (Season | Show | Director)
Kitchen Nightmares (Season | Reality | Producer)
Real Life, San Francisco (Season | Reality | Producer)
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here! (Season | Show | Producer)
Let's Dance (Season | Show | Director)
The Real Cool Runnings (Season | Reality | Producer)
Cocaine (Season | Documentary | Director & Producer)
Farmer Wants a Wife (Season | Reality | Producer)

Director / Producer

Dan left NBC GIGA in 2006 and switched sides, starting to work as a director and producer with assignments in Africa, Asia and the US. Responsibilities have included script writing, talent casting, budgeting and the supervision of production and post-production personnel.


Dan overlooking a shoot in Singapore
Dan doing his face...
Editing a new episode
Dan during a show production in Australia

Executive Producer / Showrunner

Back at television Dan worked as a Showrunner and Executive Producer for south&browse/all3media and ITV Studios.
Projects (selection)
Chap vs. Bloke (Season | Show)
15 Things (Season | Show)
Comedy Court (Pilot | Show)
Home of Records (Season | Show)
Mix Up Arts (Season | Show)
Miss Wildcard (Season | Show)
Beat Bus (Season | Show)
Love Island (Season | Show)


Light desk at a studio production
Dan's secret office..


Healthworkers in  PPEs during the Ebola outbreak in West-Africa
Turkish riot police
These boots are made for walking...
Kidnappin Gang in Caracas, Venezuela
That's Dan from behind...
Russian forces in Crimea

War Photographer

2013 marked the beginning of one of his most important stages in life. Dan quit his job as a show producer and started to cover conflicts, humanitarian crises and war as a photojournalist.

He covered the street riots in Turkey (June 2013), the turmoil in Egypt (August 2013), the unrest in Ukraine and Crimea (2014), the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo / DRC (March 2014), the war on Cocaine in Colombia (June 2014) and the war in Gaza (July 2014), the outbreak of Ebola in West-Africa (2014), illegal child labor in India (2015) and kidnapping gangs in Venezuela (2016).

He has been published in international magazines, newspapers, news sites and books including TIME Magazine (US), Newsweek (US), stern (Germany), The Guardian (UK), The Irish Times (Ireland), NBC (US), Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Focus (Germany), ZEIT (Germany), Geo (Germany), Science (US), BILD (Germany), New York Times (US) and others.

His work has been showcased in Rome, Berlin and Iraq and also at the 2014 Biennale. Dan has been awarded with the Focus Project People’s Choice Award and has been shortlisted multiple times for the annual LifeFramer award.

Dan quit his career in favor for his family.
Dan's last assignment in Venezuela was filmed and aired on DMAX/Discovery Channel.

Managing Editor at BILD

Today Dan works as a managing editor at Axel Springer's BILD, Europes biggest newspaper and news website, being responsible for the daily live news shows 


Light desk at a studio production