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2013 marked the beginning of one of his most important stages in life. Dan quit his job as a show producer and started to cover conflicts, humanitarian crises and war as a photojournalist.

He covered the street riots in Turkey (June 2013), the turmoil in Egypt (August 2013), the unrest in Ukraine and Crimea (2014), the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo / DRC (March 2014), the war on Cocaine in Colombia (June 2014) and the war in Gaza (July 2014), the outbreak of Ebola in West-Africa (2014), illegal child labor in India (2015) and kidnapping gangs in Venezuela (2016).

He has been published in international magazines, newspapers, news sites and books including TIME Magazine (US), Newsweek (US), stern (Germany), The Guardian (UK), The Irish Times (Ireland), NBC (US), Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Focus (Germany), ZEIT (Germany), Geo (Germany), Science (US), BILD (Germany), New York Times (US) and others.

His work has been showcased in Rome, Berlin and Iraq and also at the 2014 Biennale. Dan has been awarded with the Focus Project People’s Choice Award and has been shortlisted multiple times for the annual LifeFramer award.


Showrunner, writer, former war photographer, geek dad, cigar aficionado, constant traveler, Apple cultist and curator of pop-culture.


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