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Resurrecting the Past: How Dead Celebrities Would Look in 2023

Updated: Apr 21

The stunning advancement in artificial intelligence has been truly remarkable, and one of the areas where it has been most transformative is in the field of image generation. One of the leading AI image generators in its current version 5 is MidJourney, which uses deep learning algorithms to create highly realistic images from scratch. With the help of MidJourney or similar technologies, it is ultimately only up to the imagination of the prompt engineer, and nothing is impossible anymore. One fascinating usecase is giving me goosebumps: Photographs of deceased celebrities how they might look today if they were still alive. Many celebrities have died far too young, leaving fans to wonder what they might look like if they had lived to old age. This is what I came up with by feeding MidJourney with the following prompt:

"Artistic portrait of <celebrity name> at the age of <age>. Photorealistic, photographed on a Fuji vintage camera with open aperture. Black background. looking into the camera."

Hover the images below to show the celebrity's name and age if they would live today.

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